Thursday, January 14, 2010

Portugal Says Yes to Gay Marriage...but what about Israel?

Facts about Israel and its Gay community.

1. "Israel is the only Middle-Eastern country to support gay rights legislation, and the country attracts gay people from Palestine and Lebanon." The Independent 2008

2. Israel has one of the highest percentages of support for same-sex marriage in the world, with 61% of Israelis supporting civil marriage for same-sex couples. Angus Reid Polls 2009

3. Israel has the highest percentage approval of gays serving in the Armed Forces (70%) and has never had discriminatory legislation against such service. Angus Reid Polls 2009

4. Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the Middle East. OutMagazine

5. Israel recognizes Common-Law marriages, same-sex marriages performed abroad and gay adoption.

6. Jerusalem is the only capital in the Middle East that allows an annual Pride Parade.

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