Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Summer of Gay Tourism

The New York Post

Michael Lucas -- the gay porn producer who made the X-rated "Men of Israel" in the Holy Land last year -- is leading a gay tour to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea. Lucas, a Russian-born Zionist, promises a visit in May to a secret nude beach.

Michael Lucas

"I am thrilled to announce that I am making my first group trip to Israel this Spring, and I want you to come with me on this exciting, fun, and action-packed journey!

It is no secret that Israel is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I travel there at least twice every year to visit my favorite parties, restaurants, historical monuments, beaches, resorts, and most importantly, all of the close friends and wonderful people I have met throughout the course of my travels. What I love about Israel is that it is extremely modern while maintaining such an amazing and diverse sense of history: You can be in urban Tel Aviv, one of the most amazing cities on earth, surrounded by skyscrapers, and then drive 40 minutes to ancient Jerusalem and see craftsmanship and architecture that is over 2,000 years old. It is incredible!"


PORN KING VS. CLUB KING: Michael Lucas vs. Josh Wood Over Homo-Holy Land Holiday Supremacy

Josh Woods Productions and Steele Travel

'Milk and Honey 2010"

Steele Luxury Travel and Josh Wood Productions invite you to experience a destination of rich history, beautiful landscape, gorgeous men and extreme nightlife. The leading nightlife and entertainment producer and the leading force in gay luxury travel are uniting to program 2010's most innovative vacation. "Milk & Honey 2010" is a one of a kind experience offering you the history and adventure to one of the globe's most stimulating destinations.

Michael Lucas and Islamic Europe

From Michael's Blog;

Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on minarets, barring construction of the mosque towers in a strong vote that put Switzerland at the forefront of a European backlash against a growing Muslim population.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michael Lucas and Gay Hasbara

Michael Lucas makes aliyah and plans to start a whole new way of convincing the left to love Israel.

From Haaretz
The bearded receptionist wears a yarmulke.

In any other office, this wouldn't seem remarkable. But this is the midtown Manhattan headquarters of Lucas Entertainment, one of the largest gay adult film companies in the world. The yarmulke seems weirdly apt once you meet Michael Lucas, the 37-year-old founder and CEO of the 11-year-old porn conglomerate, which in August released what it claims is the first gay adult film made in Israel with an all-Israeli cast.

Portugal Says Yes to Gay Marriage...but what about Israel?

Facts about Israel and its Gay community.

1. "Israel is the only Middle-Eastern country to support gay rights legislation, and the country attracts gay people from Palestine and Lebanon." The Independent 2008

2. Israel has one of the highest percentages of support for same-sex marriage in the world, with 61% of Israelis supporting civil marriage for same-sex couples. Angus Reid Polls 2009

3. Israel has the highest percentage approval of gays serving in the Armed Forces (70%) and has never had discriminatory legislation against such service. Angus Reid Polls 2009

4. Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the Middle East. OutMagazine

5. Israel recognizes Common-Law marriages, same-sex marriages performed abroad and gay adoption.

6. Jerusalem is the only capital in the Middle East that allows an annual Pride Parade.

Shabbat Shira! At CBST New York

Founded in 1973 by forward thinking gay Jews, Congregation Bet Simchat Torah is a powerful voice within Judaism. It is currently led by Senior Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and is the largest LGBT synagogue in the world. This week is hosts Shabbat Shira!, its 15th annual concert.

Created and produced by CBST musical director Joyce Rosenzweig and CBST Member Adria Benjamin, this year the concert will include Jesse Blumberg, baritone, Donna Breitzer, mezzo-soprano, Deborah Selig, soprano, Marc Molomot, tenor, and Joyce Rosenzweig, pianist.

Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran

From Haaretz News

Israel is stepping up its public relations effort to discredit Iran within the international community, and part of its new campaign focuses on Tehran's abuse of human rights and sponsorship of terrorism. "We have to lay the foundation in the world, and particularly in Europe, in order to be able to take harsher steps against Iran, especially in the economic sector," said one senior political source in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gay-Jewish Birthright. The 'Rainbow' Trip

Birthright is a Jewish Israeli registered charity, partly funded by the Israeli government, that sponsors free 10-day trips to Israel for Jewish young adults. Birthright's goals are to diminish the division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity among world Jewry; and to strengthen participants' personal Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people.

It now runs a special program for LGBT youth.

Gay Palestinian can stay in Israel

In an unusual ruling, the Israeli High Court of Justice ordered the state late last week to evaluate the degree to which the life of a young Palestinian is at risk, in part because of his sexual orientation. The Palestinian is asking for permission to remain in Israel because he fears for his life if he is expelled to the Palestinian Authority.